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ferrari-gifCustom cars have always been popular for obvious reasons, but those of us who have a love for luxury cars share an admiration that a custom car just cannot fill. All of our team have a respect for those fine details which is what brought us together from the very start. Let us introduce all the members of our team as well as the sponsor of this website,, where you can not only play with some great casino games, but you'll be presented a huge selection of online slots for free, and for real money.

Fiora Sabbatini: Head writer

Every parent tells their child that hard work is paramount to make it in life. You can hardly find her sitting idle, since Fiora is always working. She even doesn’t sleep at times until she finishes her articles. She just obtained her university degree in Business administration. Fiora believes that she is the best writer in the world and from her works; it’s hard to argue that. For all these good manners, she does find more than enough time to enjoy live events with Maserati cars.

Klaus Hueber: Editor

Moving on, we take a look now at the grease of this group. Klaus is the official website editor, and his job entails updating the website and uploading content. He is called the grease because he ensures that all operations run smoothly. Like many German immigrants in the last 50 years, he studied computer science at MP University and doesn’t hesitate to brag about this. He has always been a committed pacifist, always advocating for peace when he’s not continually talking about Bugatti. No doubt that Klaus is clearly everyone’s favorite here, as he cherishes the relationship with everyone working on the site.

Marshall Marquis: co-writer/editor

Finally, we take a look at “the main man.” Marshall is a retired accountant who decided to dive into a classic Aston Martin that was unexpectedly a trade for payment when a client had hit hard times. He also proofreads and edits the articles chipping in one or two ideas here or there. This sometimes leads to great writing that lends to the articles themselves. Thankfully to our luck, Marshall is in charge of the financial aspect of the company which helps, since his accounting skills help us stretch our budgets longer.

Although their teamwork is sorted, their professionalism should be applauded for all the skills they bring together. From here on out, we want to insure the quality of the articles we produce here, though any ideas what you would like to see here are always welcome. Contact us through out website e-mail:


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