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Exotic and Limited Edition Cars

Exotic and limited automobiles are often cars that are of the highest pinnacle as far as driving is concerned both in terms of their design, price tag and those who drive them. These super cars are often driven by the top 1% and elite members in the society in order to showcase their wealth and prestige making them standout from normal people. The manufacturers of these exotic and limited editions of cars usually implore the best of everything in terms of materials, dash boards, engine quality so as produce a one of a kind brand that has the capability of captivating people.


Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini are some of the companies that specialize in manufacturing high end exotic brands for the extreme wealthy people in the society. The limited edition cars because they cost a fortune to acquire and the maintenance costs are quite higher for any normal person with a ‘9 to 5’ job. Super cars are often manufactured in limited edition, so that owners can be able feel a sense of joy and entitlement when driving one- simply because you cannot see it on every street corner. This is the reason why most of the super cars are often produced in limited numbers around the world.

These cars are usually expensive to maintain and fix in cases where one is involved in an accident then it is costly to repair because most of its components custom made such that they cannot be found at local dealer shop. For instance the Ferrari 250 is one of the rarest automobile built in the 1960’s which happens to be the company’s prettiest and iconic model. This model is stored in Ferrari manufacturing base as a sign of perfection and is set to fetch over 10 million dollars when sold. These exotic cars are not for everyone because they represent a particular status and prestige which is one the reasons many people love while at the same time a lot of people hate them. One is more likely to turn heads when drives a Maserati on the freeway, this shows that owning a high end exotic car is no longer just about how exterior looks but it provides a status symbol on how one is treated.

2016-lamborghini-aventador-lp750For instance driving a Maserati Gran Turismo is bound to turn a lot of heads because of the perceive stature the one who drives receives from everyone. Such prestige is one of the reasons why the rich people in the society are flocking at showrooms in order to get a piece of the Maserati Gran Turismo. The name super car is always given to a select few of cars that are able to achieve a specific level of comfort, performance and excellence. These characteristics are what makes exotic and limited vehicle special. Take for example the Lamborghini Aventador and Gallardo are examples of super cars which are specially built to perform manoeuvre that other vehicles cannot such as handling tight curves on the roads as well as driving under extreme weather conditions.

Such features enable exotic cars to labeled special because the level of engineering sophistication they undergo makes them truly unique and expensive. Super cars such as the Maserati Quattro Porte that reach higher maximum speeds than normal traditional cars because their manufactures have pushed the limits of automotive engineering producing high end and special vehicles. Ferrari F50 is also another example of a super car that is specially designed to reach extreme speeds because it has specialized V8 engine which is able to make the car accelerate faster. These super cars are built with extreme detail in every aspect ensuring the car is a truly an aesthetic and performance masterpiece.

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