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How A Ferrari’s VIN Number Works

ferrari-vin-numberThe VIN number is usually a 17 digit code composed of different characters that identifies a specific automobile. These characters are often a mixture of capital letters and numbers which act as a unique vehicle identifier. The VIN serves as an automobile fingerprint which can be used to distinguish between two cars that may look similar. What the VIN number can also do is to track any kind of car recalls, registration, and insurance including track thieves in case a particular vehicle is stolen or parts from that vehicle are sold under the table. Furthermore people may want to decode particular cars using the VIN number in order to find proper car fittings, identify the place of manufacture or verify their authenticity.

The VIN number of a car is usually located on the dashboard, engine block or sometimes near the underside of the hood. Just like any automobile around, the Ferrari has also got a VIN number which contains vital information regarding the manufacturer, year of production, engine type, model and so on. Surprisingly, the only Ferrari cars that have no VIN numbers are the Formula One cars and other specific race cars. The VIN number of most Ferrari cars can be seen clearly printed on outside surface of every part of the car with a labeled plate showing these numbers. These codes are arranged in a specific format which makes it easier for them to recognized and every car manufacturer is required to mark the vehicles in this format.

laferrari-apertaThe first character of the VIN number of any Ferrari usually outlines exactly where the car was built in the terms of location. The second and third characters are designated for the vehicles manufacturers which can either in Maranello and Modena. The first three characters often identify the manufacturer of the car. For instance a Ferrari Enzo with a VIN no ZFFCW56A830133118, the 2nd and 3rd characters highlights the manufacturer which FF(Ferrari)The next characters in that order represent the car’s engine capacity, vehicle brand as well as the type. The ninth character denotes the vehicle security code which in this case is A830. The tenth character is used to identify the specific model of the car and which year it was built. This segment is quite useful especially for buyers who may want to purchase the new models. The 11th character usually indicates the exact plant the car was assembled such that when problems arises then the car can easily be shipped to the respective plant. For example the VIN number for a Ferrari F50 is ZFFTG46A4SO104799 with the last 6 characters indicating the serial number of the car which 104799. The 10th character in the VIN number above the model of Ferrari which in this case is an F50 built.

By identifying the VIN number of a particular Ferrari, one is able to determine the exact market value. This is because by decoding the tenth character of the VIN one is able to identify the year it was built. It is common that new car models often fetch higher prices in the market.

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