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Thinking of owning a Bugatti?

Unless you were born rich, probably at some point in your life you dreamed of being born with that so-called ‘Silver Spoon’. You know the thrill; obscene wealth and fantasies of the lifestyles of the rich and famous... mansions with a huge well tended lawn, big pools, maybe a personal island, private jets and specially expensive sport cars.

Assuming you are dealing with the problems of having too much money, why not a new Bugatti? Bugatti continues thinking of a sedan as a future model and substitute for Chiron. Back in 2009, Bugatti unveiled the 16C Galibier; a four door concept car that was to be serialized after the Veyron production. This concept of super luxury vehicle with all the elements that seem to be useless are of course what you can expect from Bugatti. The four-door model is not dead," Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durehimer told Automotive News at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Event in which the brand unveiled the feat of the Chiron making a 0 to 400 kilometers per hour in less than 42 seconds with Juan Pablo Montoya at the wheel. Not only the idea of a four-door sedan is not dead, but if Bugatti brings it to the market, it would be the only model. "As far as I can see, Bugatti is a one model brand," Mr. Durheimer said.

The Bugatti Chiron has a commercial life of approximately eight years, its replacement would arrive in 2025. Bugatti haven't decided which propeller would fit its future model and is considering all options from the internal combustion engine to the electric going through the hybrid. For Durheimer what counts is that the engine meets the levels of performance expected from the brand. In fact, it was also considered to electrify the Chiron, but due to the weight and packaging problems implied with rechargeable batteries, they stayed with the 16 cylinders supercharged 1,500 HP internal combustion engine. To ensure maximum acceleration without any turbo lag, the engine uses two types of turbochargers; one pair operate at low and medium revolutions and the other pair will activate at 3,800 rpm. 32.6 seconds and 2,621 meters later, the Chiron reached 400 kmlh. Bugatti and Michelin designed a set of new high performance tires capable of withstanding the extreme loads, only one gram of rubber at 400 km I h has a force of 3,600 grams or, the valve of the rim of 18.3 grams that at that speed has a force of 45 kilograms. To certify this record, a V-Box 3i GPS based measurement system from SGS I TUV Saar was used. The result of the tests under that system are 41.96 seconds for the 0 to 400. Besides the allure of performance, it seems obvious is that a Bugatti saloon arouses interest, and it is that, it would not be the first postwar four-door Bugatti sedan.

In the mid-90s, back in the Italian period under the guardianship of Romano Artioli, the brand planned to launch a reinterpretation of the 1937 Bugatti Galibier, the EB112 "Galibier". Finally only two units came to be manufactured, one of them being auctioned for the first time in 2016. So, for the modern era we have the Chiron, Veyron, the Gailbier available in the market for your choice. l wish I have this type of problems.

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